February 2015

ATMOS® installation Cinewil 2

On 25 February 2015, the ATMOS© Event took place at Cinewil 2, where the new sound system was demonstrated to more than 200 invited guests. Following some short speeches and a trailer show, the film “Gravity” was shown in Dolby ATMOS. After the film, the enthusiastic audience also enjoyed the lavish dessert buffet and had a good time until late in the evening.

At the front, we installed an SP-F3 system with two SP-LF1s for LFE. The surround speakers were fitted with SP-SRI1 and for the rear sub, two SP-LF3s were used. The speakers above the audience were protected by the safety kit. The projection room has two racks fitted with amplifiers from the SP-A series. The system is impressive in that it provides sufficient power and a clear sound.