June 2015

Safety tests

The SP-SRI1, SP-SRI2 and SP-LF3 speakers have passed the EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research) safety tests with flying colours.

A range of drop tests has shown that in the event of a fall the speakers are securely held in place by our safety kits. The force applied to the speakers and the safety kits was enormous!

Our Immersive Surround speaker and the LF3 sub-bass can therefore be safely mounted above an audience using the corresponding safety kit. To protect your audience, we always recommend a secondary secure attachment with our safety kit.


Footfall sound insulation pads are now available for the SP-F3 and SP-F4 front speakers and the SP-LF1 and SP-LF3 basses. The pads are matched exactly to the particular speaker type in terms of their low frequency cut-off and weight.

Footfall sound insulation brings marked improvements with regard to sound transmission to neighbouring rooms.

For the SP-SRI1 surround sound speaker, a complete kit for footfall sound insulation is currently being developed.