Footfall sound insulation pads are now available for the SP-F3 and SP-F4 front speakers and the SP-LF1 and SP-LF3 basses. The pads are matched exactly to the particular speaker type in terms of their low frequency cut-off and weight.

Footfall sound insulation brings marked improvements with regard to sound transmission to neighbouring rooms.

For the SP-SRI1 surround sound speaker, a complete kit for footfall sound insulation is currently being developed.

Cinema 2015, Baden-Baden

For the first time, Audio-Ciné AG appeared with SOUNDPARC® at Germany’s biggest cinema fair in Baden-Baden. Our speakers and amplifiers attracted a great deal of interest from both cinema owners and retailers. The SP-SR2 was a real highlight, and the specially designed amplifiers for cinemas, with plexiglass covers, were also very well received.

We were able to demonstrate our wide range of installation accessories and the safety kits to the visitors and prove our practical experience of installing them.

We would like to thank everyone who visited us.

SOUNDPARC® released

After over two years of development work and installation experience, Audio-Ciné AG would now like to introduce the speakers and amplifiers that go by the name of SOUNDPARC®. Following numerous 5.1/7.1 and Dolby ATMOS© installations, the products are fully engineered and available immediately.

SOUND PARC™ does not „just“ stand for speakers and amplifiers but also intelligent accessories and safety kits for installation above the heads of the audience. Speakers with a Safety Point have been tested by EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) and can be correctly protected.

SOUNDPARC® products and accessories are made in Germany and Switzerland. That’s your guarantee of maximum professionalism, precision and reliability.

ATMOS® installation Cinewil 2

On 25 February 2015, the ATMOS© Event took place at Cinewil 2, where the new sound system was demonstrated to more than 200 invited guests. Following some short speeches and a trailer show, the film “Gravity” was shown in Dolby ATMOS. After the film, the enthusiastic audience also enjoyed the lavish dessert buffet and had a good time until late in the evening.

At the front, we installed an SP-F3 system with two SP-LF1s for LFE. The surround speakers were fitted with SP-SRI1 and for the rear sub, two SP-LF3s were used. The speakers above the audience were protected by the safety kit. The projection room has two racks fitted with amplifiers from the SP-A series. The system is impressive in that it provides sufficient power and a clear sound.